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                                  The two hour examination carries 100 marks and will be of degree level. The topics included  in the syllabus are English Literature,  Literary Criticism, TeachingAptitude, and Methodology.


English Literature

Literature from Chaucer to the Modern period - poetry, drama, and novel of various periods - important literary trends, movements, and literary figures.


Literary Criticism

Literary terms and devices - eminent critics - their contribution to criticism - concepts, theories - critical thinkers.


History of Language

Family of language - growth of vocabulary - middle English period - modern English period - phonetics.

Part I - Section of the question paper  carries 75 marks, which means major portion of the questions will be from the Literature section. It comprises 30 objective questions of one mark each, followed by descriptive questions. All questions are compulsory.



Methodology of teaching English will be  an important topic for the examination. Importance of English in India, English as a second language, various teaching methods and their merits and demerits, measurement and evaluation, objective questions, unit planning  and annual planning, teaching aids, qualities of an ideal English teacher,  teaching psychology etc.  will be  covered  under this section.  Questions from teaching aptitude is also included. This section comprises of ten objective questions and  descriptive questions that carries 25 marks.


English Grammar

A teacher of English must have thorough knowledge of grammar. He/She is expected to teach grammar as part of his/her profession. Therefore awareness and depth in English grammar is necessary.

Present the Most appropriate Answer


                      In the case of descriptive questions, your presentation of answers can make a great difference in mark and rank.  Try to  make your answers perfect. The person who values them must feel that  your answer is apt and the most appropriate. It must be presented in a legible and concise manner. The examiner should feel that you are an adept in the use of  language, presenting what is necessary in the minimum possible words without compromising beauty and aesthetic sense. And, there should be  logical sequence and order in the answer.  After going through your answers he should come to the  conclusion that every answer you have presented  is the most suitable and that you are  the most appropriate person for the post.

Reread your answers, answer to the question carefully, be brief and to the point. As all questions are compulsory, answer them according to the time limit.

Necessity is the mother of Success


Yes,  it is necessity, great necessity, pressing necessity, inevitable necessity that is  the mother of success. If you need this job, if you can  make your mind believe that this job is  indispensable,  then, the whole  equation gets favourable to you. Work in a consistent and determined manner, leave nothing to change, have complete faith in your hard work and capabilities.

There is a belief among the ancient Greeks that when our star rises and becomes greatly favourable to our life, we should rise  to the occasion. Otherwise, the opportunity will be lost for ever.

Your star has risen in the horizon.

Grab the opportunity at hand.

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