Messages to BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)& Indians
# You have killed and tortured our people in the border area, you diverted the water flow of rivers, consequences we faced droughts, you pushed drugs into Bangladesh through border. You forced your TV Channels to be broadcasted into Bangladesh, but not let our channels into you. And many more issues…. Now, Believe on us, we will make you into pieces.
# You have demanded one-third of total land of Bangladesh. Now, we demand West Bengal, Assam, Tripura to be included with Bangladesh according to the Map for Greater Bengal before the partition (1947).
# You have destroyed the Babri Mosque, you have killed, tortured an uncountable Muslims in various places. Now, we are swearing to you by the name of Allah, we will take revenge of every drops of bloods and tears either today or tomorrow.
# You just met only a few faggots in Bangladesh those work for you, But yet to be seen the massive youth and true people in Bangladesh those won’t wait for any command, whenever it necessary.
# Ghazwa-E-Hind Will Be started by you, But surely be ended by us (Muslims) conquering whole India. Victory has been promised to us over 1400 years ago.
# You haven’t seen our anger yet. Don’t force us. Don’t make us. You are unable to resist the volcano. If you even think to put your dirty hand on us, WaAllahe we’ll take your lever out from chest with our left hand by holding you under our left feet. Be good then get good. Otherwise, expect to see enormous typhoon to be arisen upon you one after another. We will destroy your cyber space and tear you apart from cyber world. Now expect us…
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